About Us

Who Are We

We are a young and dynamic company consisting of experienced maritime professionals with comprehensive knowledge from different parts of the industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an array of quality solutions for the maritime industry with special focus on niche trades and complex cargo operations

What We Do

We manage chemical/oil tankers (both crewing and technical management), and as well as providing other marine related services (vessel inspections, marine consultancy etc.)

Our history

Ulabrand Marine AS was formed in 2017 by experienced maritime professionals with extensive experience from different parts of the maritime industry. The goal of the company has since its start been to offer quality maritime solutions based on the age-old principle of solid seamanship, and with a special focus towards especially demanding trades, vessels and cargos. These demand technical expertise and experience, organizational flexibility and attention to details. Part of the idea behind Ulabrand Marine AS was to build an organization that could cater to this marked in particular.

Ship management has since the start been an integral part of the company, and Ulabrand assumed management of its first vessel in April 2018. The first task of the organization as manager was to take a vintage chemical tanker through special survey and a life extension project. This was successfully completed on time and within budget. Two months later, Ulabrand Marine AS started an extensive assistance with the yard stay and conversion of a Chemical/oil tanker in Turkey. This was completed in November 2018, and the vessel became the second in Ulabrands Management portfolio. Thus, the company currently operates one chemical tanker and one chemical/oil tanker transporting high temperature pitch and coal tar, as well as other related products.

Document of Compliance

Ulabrand Marine holds Document of Compliance (DoC) for both Oil and Chemical tanker. This document, issued to us by DNV-GL, states that Ulabrand Marine abide by the International Safety Management (ISM) code for safe operation of vessels. 

Ulabrand Marine are thus certified to operate both oil and chemical tankers, and the DOC can easily be amended to include other vessel types.  

Chemical Tanker

Oil Tanker

Why choose us?

Crew management is an essential part of Ulabrand Marine AS services. We know from experience that finding the right crew and train and empowering them to excel results in the best and most reliable vessel operation. We strive to provide our customers with a competitive advantage through crewing and crew preformance in a though and demanding industry.

Preventive maintenance and solid technical solutions lie at the heart of our ship management philosophy. We believe in keeping vessels in prime condition to prevent technical difficulties and in searching for and fixing potential problems before they arise. We demand from our seamen that they adopt this philosophy, and utilize the newest cloud based maintenance software to aid them in this.

Ulabrand Marine provide solutions for most kind of vessels and specialize in particular on niche trade vessels and complex cargo operations. These require comprehensive insight and we are proud to possess considerable in-house experience from different demanding trades..

The Ulabrand Team consist of maritime professionals from different fields of the industry. We possess comprehensive experience and network from different part of vessel operations, from pilotage, inshore navigation and dynamic positioning to different technical solutions (both vintage and modern).

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